After our unbelievable experience last year with telemedicine, we decided to expand our preventative care efforts with cancer and cardiac screening camps. While telemedicine can be immensely useful, in regions where there is a lack of resources, more immediate needs are necessary to address. One of these needs is cardiac screening. Heart disease is the leading killer in India and accounts for 12.5% of deaths. Furthermore,  low-income Indians have a 49.1 % higher mortality rate from heart disease than the richest. Additionally, cancer is becoming widespread at an alarming rate in India. Just in the last year, I lost an aunt and a granduncle to this dreadful disease.  Unfortunately, both my aunt and granduncle could have greatly benefited from early detection and management of the disease.

With cancer and cardiac screening camps, we can address these immediate needs with diagnosis and medication. Ongoing care can then be provided with telemedicine.