The Cancer camp went smoothly and wass a great learning experience. It was overwhelming to see the participation and response from the Chataparru community. I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to all who made this camp a possibility.

At the camp, when talking with the doctors, I learned more about the perception of cancer in rural India. I was saddened to hear that cancer was thought of as a “rich man’s disease”.  In other words, the economically disadvantaged think of cancer as a death sentence. However, this is a misconception. In India, the health insurance provided by the government to low income groups completely covers cancer treatment at leading cancer treatment hospitals. Spreading awareness is vital in eliminating these misconceptions. My hope is that by creating awareness about early diagnosis and treatment options, I can make a small impact in fighting this dreadful disease. 

Camp Highlights

  • Created awareness around cancer and the early detection of cancer

  • Screened approximately 700 people.

  • Detected cancer in 5 people.

  • Two patients have already begun treatment that is completely free – thanks to the the health insurance provided by the government.

  • Set groundwork for future camps.