We identify communities in rural India that don’t have access to affordable healthcare. These communities have an average income below $180/year and have to travel at least an hour to reach the nearest hospital.


We conduct surveys to understand the rural communities’ healthcare needs and their desire to use technology (video visits) to consult with doctors and the potential usefulness of health camps. We evaluate the availability of local doctors who are willing to provide remote consultation over video calls as well as participate in health camps.


We visit the communities and spend a week training local nurses and working with the doctor to ensure there are no technical or other obstacles to meeting with patients over video calls or to conducting health camps.

Launch & Monitor

If the video conferencing appears to be beneficial to both the patient and doctor, we provide equipment and mobile broadband connectivity to conduct video visits from the patient’s village¬†with doctors. For health camps we provide the necessary equipment and supplies. We fund the technical costs and periodically monitor the progress of the program.