My inspiration for Yellow Pomelo draws from my personal experience. Whenever I get sick, I get worried, attempting to self diagnose myself. When I am face to face with a doctor or facetiming my aunt who is a doctor, I feel reassured. Eventually, the thought occurred to me that I wasn’t the only person who experienced this. I figured there were others in need for whom a video conference with a doctor could go a long away.

Inspired by my experiences volunteering at UC San Francisco Benioff Hospital, I began drafting a plan. Already having seen the poverty in India, this was the first place of interest in my mind. Before I could embark on my journey, I figured my venture needed a name. After struggling for a name, I decided to think of something simple. I looked at my yard and saw green grass and a Pomelo tree. The name Yellow Pomelo sounded interesting, and after remembering my grandparents telling me about Pomelos having medicinal benefits, I chose “Yellow Pomelo” as the name for my venture.

And so I set off!


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  1. Priyanka Prasad

    You wrote that! I am so proud of you Pratik. You are an old soul and one of the purest…love you kiddo! If your heart is always in the right place in everything you pursue…success and happiness will always be with you. You are on a beautiful journey with yellowpomelo which is going to touch and change many communities that are in need of easier access to better medical services. God bless and good luck.

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